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RaceCals has been serving the racing industry with quality, screen printed decals and wraps for the past 30 years.


In 2024 Marissa will make all of her favorite legend events as well as begin a transition to something different. Be on the lookout for your favorite racer to jump into a modified a few times this year. 

As of January the schedule is firm but a few more dates may be added as time permits.

April 6

Evergreen Speedway - Legends

June 1

Stateline Speedway - Modifieds

June 7-8

Stateline Speedway - Legends

June 22

Stateline Speedway - Legends

June 29

Evergreen Speedway - Legends

July 19

Stateline Speedway - Legends

August 3

Evergreen Speedway - Legends

August 17

Stateline Speedway - Legends & Mods

September 7

Stateline Speedway - Legends

September 14

Stateline Speedway - Mods

September 21

Evergreen Speedway - Legends

Black Washed Wall




Marissa started racing when she was 12 in youth hornets at Evergreen Speedway.  She got into racing through her dad Shane, who's been racing longer than she’s been alive. In the beginning she had no interest in racecars and fell asleep during his races. Then when he decided he was done racing Marissa wanted to give it a try.


So at that time Shane built her a youth hornet and she fell in love with the sport. When she turned 14 she moved up to legends and has been racing them since. In her 4 years of racing legends she has 4 heat race wins and 2 feature wins.


In 2022 Marissa won the Stateline Speedway Legend Championship. She was also the top girl in the nation for the semi-pro class. 


In 2023 Marissa was the top girl in the nation for the pro class and third in points in Washington state.


Outside of racing Marissa enjoys paddleboarding, baking, golfing, and volunteering at the NOAH center. She is also starting nursing school in 2024.

Marissa enjoys racing because she is an extremely competitive person. There aren’t that many girls in the sport right now so it gives her a chance to advocate for them and to inspire young girls to get into the sports that are currently male dominated. Marissa says "[Racing] teaches her a lot of discipline and control along with the function of a car which is fun to know."

Marissa's current goals for racing is a podium or win at Evergreen and then to win a state points championship.


Marissa has the most passionate fans! Folks love to follow her progress throughout the year and they come to the race specifically to see her.

This year the team will visit many tracks in the Pacific NW. If you wish to take advantage of that exposure, or if you just want to show your support, fill out the contact form below.  We look forward to seeing you at the track!



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